Awesome service, honest and reasonable!

-- Kelly Oxendine
    Tarpon Springs, FL

I reached out to Gulfwinds in 2011 after another American Standard A/C company treated me poorly.
Bill at Gulfwinds rescued me from the bad company and has been caring for my A/C since.  Bill always responds to my needs for service or repair rapidly.  A few days after Irma hit, my A/C stopped.  I called Bill and he came out late at night, quickly identified the problem, ordered the part needed and installed it.

He has never tried to sell me unnecessary equipment.  He encourages me to get the most out of what I have.  My air conditioner is over 11 years old and running well!
I can't thank him enough for all his service for such a Florida-critical system. 

Bill is simply the BEST!  He was highly recommended to me by my trusted neighbor to replace my air conditioner while I was tending to my parents’ home in Kentucky.  Our phone conversation set my mind at ease because he answered all my questions and displayed a high level of professionalism.
BONUS – My old air conditioner had been placed in front of my dining room window and was such an eyesore.  Bill suggested installing the new unit just around the corner and out of sight!  How wonderful to have a technician who's thinking about doing his best for his customers!  His suggestion has increased the value of my home by improving the view from my dining room window.  I am thankful and delighted!

-- Nancy Hayes
    Lutz, FL

Bill was Johnny on the spot and made the necessary repairs.  He's always quick and affordable.   

-- Shawn Doran
​    Lutz, FL    

-- Laura York
    Lutz, FL

We have worked closely with Bill at Gulfwind Air for 10 years.
Over this period time, Bill has provided first rate and dependable AC maintenance, repair, and replacement services at 15 Shopping Centers from Jacksonville to Fort Myers. 
As our tenants got to know Bill, they too recognized his skill and value, and have hired him for countless service calls and new construction.
The last of the honest AC repairmen... that's Bill.  

Bill and Gulfwind Air Conditioning has always provided excellent service – not only was it timely, but it was at an affordable price. 

​We’ve worked with him several times and his prices for our new equipment were unbeatable!  We did our homework and had several written quotes – Bill was by far the best! 

-- Andy Pearlman
    Isram Realty

    Hallandale, FL  

Bill McKinney and Gulfwind Air Conditioning and Heating are the best ever!  He does my air conditioning work, plus my parents’ and our rental property.  I count on him completely.  He’s the best of the best!  I recommend him to everyone.

-- Dave Prince
   Tarpon Springs, FL

I’ve used them since 2006 because Bill McKinney at Gulfwind Air Conditioning and Heating is super reliable and honest. 

​He does great work at a very fair price. 

-- Patty Fitzgerald
​    Tampa, FL

Gulfwind Air Conditioning and Heating and Bill McKinney do honest work at a fair price.  They’re never afraid to dig in and try to solve the problem rather than immediately suggesting the purchase of a new unit.  They’re honest and I have recommended them to many people.  They’re always courteous and quick to respond to every call.

-- John Jackson
   Wesley Chapel, FL

Bill at Gulf Wind Air was a pleasure to work with! 

I was referred to him when our heating and air stopped working unexpectedly and the previous company I used could not come out for 4 days.  I had reached out to a number of people for suggestions of who to work with and I received numerous responses stating that Bill at Gulf Winds would be the best to work with.   I am happy to say that those recommendations were absolutely correct! 

Bill was able to come out quickly, arrived when he said he would and called in advance to say he was on his way.
He took the time to evaluate the situation with our system and determined what was needed.  He even checked to see which parts, if any,  might be covered under warranty. 

I view Bill as an expert in heating and cooling systems and someone who is fair and honest.  I did not feel like he was trying to sell me on a new system or charge me for something I did not need as I have experienced with other companies. 

I would highly recommend Gulf Wind Air and Bill!

-- Toni Corcoran
    Lutz, FL   

As a longtime customer...I heartily recommend Bill McKinney with Gulfwind. 

He’s come through for us many times...even a rainy, hot Saturday night...something I appreciated tremendously because my husband was a cancer patient and I wanted to keep him as comfortable as possible.

Oh...and Bill had one arm in a sling at the time...recovering from shoulder surgery. 

That’s the definition of caring about your customers!

--  Christine Paeplow
    Tampa, FL   

 Bill is the most honest business professional ever! He is always timely and gives the best prices!

​I always count on Gulfwind Air!

--  Michelle Pope Marks
    Tampa, FL   

-- Olivia Power Mead
    Lutz, FL   

Helpful Tips for Big $avings

These tips will help you cut energy costs and avoid expensive repairs.

  • Cut down on your monthly energy costs by using a programmable thermostat.
  • Avoid costly air conditioning repairs by having your system regularly inspected and maintained by Gulfwind Air Conditioning & Heating.
  • Be sure to change your filter every month for more efficient operation of your air conditioning unit.
  • Use your blinds and curtains to help regulate your home’s temperature.
  • Maximize your heating or cooling by plugging all leaks and cracks around your windows and doors with caulk or sealant.

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